About Félix

At the crossroads of two worlds: competition on two and four wheels, Félix Helmets is a brand new brand of helmets designed for motorcycling. Designed and developed in France, the brand is innovative: a subtle blend of nostalgic influences from motor racing and the rigour of the most up-to-date technologies used to design motorcycle helmets.

Félix Helmets is a different brand, voluntarily atypical in its approach, whose inspiration and creation are directly linked to our passion for car racing. A passion so strong that it has pushed us to dedicate to all those passionate about motorsport culture, like us, who ride bikes, like us, a bold brand that claims a unique style.

This audacity is reflected in our helmets with a unique and immediately recognizable design, which are directly inspired by the racing elements used in motor sport. This source of inspiration appears first and foremost through the very shape of our helmets, as evidenced by the first product in the range, the ST520 open face, with its characteristic return from the shell to the jaws and the inevitable presence of a sun visor, a trademark of the first open face used in motor racing since the 1970s, the ST520 clearly shows its roots.

In addition to this stylistic bias, there is a real consistency in terms of security. The extra protection allows you to offer the best compromise: open but enveloping enough to protect the rider as well as possible. These are striking features that will also soon be available as full face helmets…

And if Felix helmets attract attention with their specific design, once again, directly inspired by car racing helmets, they do not forget the comfort of those who use them every day. Our helmets benefit from all the refinements found on premium helmets: fibreglass shell, removable and washable interior in synthetic leather or suede fabric, optimized ventilation.

Above all, references to the world of car racing do not stop at their form and design alone. The Félix Helmets range is magnified by exceptional graphics that directly refer to the greatest hours of car racing. Monte Carlo, Dakar, GP de France, Grand Prix, Grand Tourisme, Racing, are all references and tributes to competitions or colours forever linked to the greatest partners, circuits or races in the history of car racing.

And even more exclusively, manufacturers such as Lotus or Alpine*, but also major brands associated forever with the world of motorsport such as Gulf, or the family of a legendary driver such as James Hunt or the organizer of a competition as prestigious as the 24h of Le Mans, have given us their confidence through exclusive official licences to design and produce truly collector’s items. Believe us, other equally prestigious licenses are already being developed to complete our future ranges!

Wearing a Felix, whether in your every day rides or temporarily during a car or bike exhibition, is all about express passion, be different and claim a personality without making any concession to comfort or safety.

With Félix Helmets, only one watchword: show your difference, affirm your passions!

Antoine Florio, inspirer and founder of Félix Helmets

* Alpine by Félix Helmets helmets are only distributed in the Alpine network.